PriceSquawk integration

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PriceSquawk integration

PriceSquawk is your audible trading assistant. By monitoring your reconstructed tape's order flow for you, you can focus on trade execution, market research or listen for trading opportunities from a fresh perspective.

PriceSquawk will provide full price action commentary, large trader announcements and trade sounds, as well as volume accumulation alerts derived from the Reconstructed Tapes time and sales.  

The audible perspective PriceSquawk provides keeps you focused on real-time order flow developments, and lets you monitor multiple correlated markets simultaneously for an edge. Use male or female speech for announcing prices, trading activity and volume, or use any of the built in sound effects for simple and effective buy and sell trade sounds and order flow alerts.



Various other tools are built into PriceSquawk to improve trader efficiency such as check-box Price Alerts, short term Volume Profile alerts and time scheduled alerts for raising reminders of number releases and opening markets.


PriceSquawk with the Reconstructed Tape:




As well as tape sounds and trade announcements, and the squawk, PriceSquawk monitors the flow of volume through the tape to keep you alert to liquidity conditions and buyer / seller participation. The following volume conditions can be used for raising three tiers of volume alerts, as well as filtering tape sounds and squawk commentary:


oRelative Volume – Using Auto Mode (

oVolume at Price -  Volume accumulates at each new price level

oVolume in Time – Volume accumulates over a time window (

oInside market volume – Volume accumulates for inside market prices

oVolume Profile – Fixed volume profile and relative profile to the VPOC

oInside Bid / Offer Volume – Volume as seen on the Bid or Offer

PriceSquawk Preconfigured Settings:

PriceSquawk contains a number of preconfigured settings that can be used out of the box with the Reconstructed Tape, and tweaked to your trading needs.


Male Prices – Male voice price announcement

Prices Trade and Bid Offer Alerts – Female voice price announcement with 1000/2000/4000 size bid offer alerts for the inside market

Virtual Trading Pit – Sounds from the Pit that increase and decrease in loudness in line with pace of the tape

Market Pulse – A market pulse that provides continuous feedback of volume conditions. No Pulse = Little Volume, Soft pulse = Normal

Volume, Louder pulse = Elevated Volume, Loudest Pulse = Abnormal Volume

E-mini Squawk Female – Full e-mini focused squawk with price action announced, 50+/100+/200+ lot trade sizes called, large volume absorbed at price announced and increased order flow alerts

Male Squawk with Pit – Full male squawk of price, volume, bid offer and large trader alerts with trading pit sounds enabled

E-mini Tape Sounds - Simple buy/sell trade sounds that are heard only when order flow is increased, with 50, 100 and 200+ lot trade alerts.

Crude Tape Sounds - Simplified trade sounds that increase in loudness with increased volume. 20, 50 and 100+ lot trade alerts.

T-Note Squawk – Full T-Note squawk with price action announced, large volume absorption alerts, 50+ trades hit / lift, 100+ and  500+ lot trade alerts.

Order Flow Alerts 1 - Hear minimalist tick sounds only when the volume is elevated / the tape is moving quickly. Requires a few minutes of initial data buffering. 100, 500 and 1000+ lot trade alerts (configure as needed)

Order Flow Alerts 2 - Hear ‘Buy’ and ‘Sell’ announcements when volume is elevated / the tape is moving, with price varying pitch. Faint announcements during low volume. ‘Volume Increasing’ alerts, and 100, 500 and 1000+ lot trade alerts (configure as needed).

Time Sales 1 - Basic digital sounds for each entry in T&S. 20+ and 50+ lot trade alerts.

Time Sales 2 – 50+, 100+ and 200+ lot trade alerts with 5000+ volume absorbed at price alerts. No price – pitch information.

Beep Works – Trade sounds and alerts with price action, all using digital ‘beeps’ instead of speech.  Order flow controls loudness of trade sounds (increased volume trading = increased loudness).

The Works –  ‘Buy / Sell’ trade sounds, 50+/100+/200+ lot trade alerts with Squawk enabled. Order flow controls loudness of trade sounds (increased volume trading = increased loudness).

Combined – Trade size filtering combined with order flow filtering, to give you digital trade sounds only when trades occur larger than 5 lots, during elevated order flow.




Screen Shot:




PriceSquawk will automatically open as a 14 day free trial before defaulting to a limited version that plays basic trade sounds only. Use the PriceSquawk ‘?’ button as a quick help reference and for accessing the PriceSquawk Help page where you can download User Manuals, access PriceSquawk tutorials and contact PriceSquawk support.

Find out more about the Jigsaw integration of PriceSquawk by visiting or downloading the PriceSquawk Jigsaw Integration Quick Start Guide.pdf