Jigsaw Chat

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Jigsaw Chat


At Jigsaw Trading, we have always encouraged our customers to communicate with us and amongst themselves.

Each of the Jigsaw screens has a chat button JIGSAW~1_img94  that you can use to log on to our community chat room. You can also enter the chat through http://www.jigsawtrading.com/chat


Each customer has login credentials to this room. This is the same username and password you use when signing up to our “members.jigsawtrading.com” pages when you purchased the product.


When clicking the chat window, a logon screen will appear.




Enter your username & password to gain access to the chat. For help on specific features of the chat room, click here: http://host5.chatblazer.com/userguide/client.htm


This chat works on PC, Mac and mobile devices.


Note that your id will be displayed in the room. If you want to change your id, then drop us an email with your current id and the one you’d like to change to.