JS Services Integration

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JS Services Integration



JS Services provide a Desktop Application that generates Price Levels for a number of markets each day.  These levels can be quickly transferred to the Jigsaw tools so that they are visible on both the Depth & Sales and Auction Vista.


Who They Are - JS Services are an independent financial research firm, started in 1984 that has been supporting financial professionals for over 30 years.

What They Do - JS Services optimize trading strategies and identify market opportunities using our unique ANALYTICSAPPLICATIONS and ANALYSIS.

How They Do It - By identifying the market STATE, price STRUCTURE and trade STRATEGY they improve clarity of the market condition to anticipate opportunity.

Why it Works - Their analytics are based on time tested market TRUTHS that provide traders with objective FACTS to make intuitive decisions.

How they Integrate - Their analytics integrate with JIGSAW TRADING to improve awareness of MICRO order-flow dynamics within the MACRO STRUCTURE of the STATE condition.


The JS Desktop Application looks like this:




By opening the JS Desktop application, it will automatically create a file with the levels for that day.


See the JS Services Options section for instructions on importing these levels.


Once Imported, the levels will appear on the Depth & Sales as follows:




In the above example level "DP" is at 2170.25. Around that we see the variance highlighted (optional) and around that we see the alert distance highlighted (also optional).


On Auction Visa, the levels appear as follows:




To get an idea of how the levels work as well as how the integration with Jigsaw works, take a look at this recap of 23rd August, 2015 on Crude:






John Slazas is a Chicago native who grew up on the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and was mentored by some of the most influential traders and leaders. He has over 30 years experience, in the futures, options, FOREX and equity markets and is registered as a Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA) with the National Futures Association.


Mr. Slazas founded JS Services Research and Trading LLC in 1984, a technical research firm specializing in qualitative and quantitative market STATE analytics. The firm provides its multi-market, multi state methodology to private and professional traders, proprietary trading groups, fund managers, institutional trading desks and full service brokers.

The research is objective and actionable, supporting the primary functions of trading by defining STATE conditions, price STRUCTURE, and STRATEGY themes.  



For more information on JS Services, Click Here