V5.2.11 9th February, 2014

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V5.2.11 9th February, 2014

-SmartQueue functionality added to show queue position of limit orders.

-Value Area, POC & Session VWAP added to the volume profile.

-Right click “R”eset on power meter will clear all power meters.

-Reposition Power Meter buttons to free up screen real estate

-Chat room integrated to D&S, Recon Tape, Summary Tape

-New Icons on all tools

-Improved filtering on Recon Tape

-Made Recon Tape settings more intuitive

-FIX: Drag and drop orders only working if you kept mouse in the order column

-FIX: Save & Save As Display Scheme window occasionally opening up underneath the settings window

-FIX: Trade button accidentally being disabled

-FIX: Reset On New Session occasionally not working on OEC

-FIX: Synch issues on Snapshot column