V5.2 11th November, 2013

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V5.2 11th November, 2013

-3x power meters on Depth & Sales (trades, bids/offers, pulling stacking)

- Added power meter to recon tape

-Drag and drop orders in order column

-Clear up/down total trades @ bid/offer (with shortcut keys)

-Reset D&S power meter when resetting current trades

-Trade lock locks out all trade buttons

-Improved highlighting S2P, L2P, OCO buttons when enabled

-New Bid/offer histogram scaling settings

-New option to clear all current trades on all windows when a new position is filled

-New option to center all D&S when a new position is filled

-Option to hide account number on the D&S main screen

-Changed to a single installer for all platforms

-FIX: Reduced additional line spacing on Recon Tape

-FIX: Exception being thrown on OEC version on disconnect

-FIX: Always on top D&S can hide settings window

-FIX: Treasuries trades not appearing on Depth & Sales in some circumstances

-FIX: Flat button not working after reversing a position

-FIX: Quantity buttons on Trade Window not retaining edited values