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Welcome to the Jigsaw Online help.


If you are not currently a Jigsaw Customer, find out more about our products here: http://www.jigsawtrading.com/jigsaw-order-flow-overview/

For product downloads, license keys and our ticketing system to report issues, please log on to our members site: https://members.jigsawtrading.com/login

Note that the following platforms are supported:



Trial Link

MultiCharts.NET Special Edition (Free platform, with free CQG data)

MultiCharts SE Trial

Multicharts.NET (paid platform)

MultiCharts Platform

NinjaTrader 7



New to Jigsaw Tools?


For those of you new to the products, take a look at our "Getting Started" video below. This explains how to get started with the tools and gives you drills so that you can learn to read the tools in the shortest time possible. You will be amazed at how quickly you progress if you follow this approach.