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Tradovate software comes with the Jigsaw Tools already installed. To launch the tools in Tradovate, first click the Add Modules icon




You will then see 2 icons, one for Depth & Sales and another for Depth & Sales Live




After that, you will be presented with the Tradovate instrument search window:




Upon selecting an instrument, the Depth & Sales screen will appear:




All options are valid, you can trade from Depth and Sales, launch the strength meters, save templates and launch Auction Vista. Here is Auction Vista running on Tradovate.




Note that Depth & Sales is not attached to a chart in Tradovate.


Tradovate will remember which Depth & Sales, Auction Vista, Trade window or Strength Meters were open when you closed the Tradovate platform. These will be re-opened next time you start Tradovate.