V5.2.6 8th August, 2014

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V5.2.6 8th August, 2014

-Enabled TopstepTrader Combine accounts to be traded from a non-Live version of Depth & Sales

-Added Clear Volume Profile Button (and shortcut keys)

-Changed the “Open” alert print to append to any existing alert in the cell.

-FIX: Made “Save Settings” more robust on Depth & Sales (some scenarios, it wasn’t saving)

-FIX: Iceberg alerts infrequent on S5 Trader/OEC Trader

-FIX: Queue positions being calculated incorrectly on ZN (OEC & Ninja)

-FIX: Some orders being left behind on the screen after being cancelled (Ninja)

-FIX: First trade on FGBL not appearing and not coloring in line with other tools if inside bid = inside offer.

-FIX: Prevent pop ups from popping under.

-FIX: Tick up/Tick down coloring for filtered recon tape being set based on trades on screen, not all trades.