V5.2.3 9th April, 2014

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V5.2.3 9th April, 2014

-OEC Mandatory compatibility changes

-Added “Reset on New Bar” for bid/offer profile (see depth & sales settings)

-FIX: Trade lock not being re-enabled when order column added back in

-FIX: Alerts no longer appearing on OEC log screen (audio and markers ok)

-FIX: Digit dropped from the 6J Futures

-FIX: Opaque slider control not working on pulled orders on Depth & Sales

-FIX: Label typo fixed

-FIX: Removed limits on various setting

-FIX: Exception thrown when changing order column colors

-FIX: Trade column intermittently not changing when in a trade

-FIX: Ensure no FIFO queue slipping when adding to existing limit orders