V5.11 24th September, 2013

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V5.11 24th September, 2013

-        Double click on DOM was not placing multiple orders on rapid clicks

-        S2P not functioning correctly

-        Column selection on Recon Tape not working for one customer – we couldn’t reproduce this but redesigned it to make it more intuitive.

-        S5Trader/OEC Trader – exception being thrown after a disconnect and a reconnect

-        Recon Tape/Summary Tape – exception being thrown on changing number of rows. Causing empty window on Ninja and exceptions on S5 Trader/OEC Trader

-        Depth & Sales volume profile not populating on S5Trader if the underlying chart has the profile off

-        NinjaTrader - Orders cannot be moved in NT Direct version

-        Additional Line spacing removed from Recon Tape        

-        NinjaTrader - Recon Tape not working in replay mode