V4.0 1st March, 2013

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V4.0 1st March, 2013

-        Switched to new licensing service

-        Added trading interface

-        Shortcut Key editor

-        Changed Depth & Sales toolstrip buttons so that right click on the buttons performs operation on all open windows

-        Enhanced Color Handling

-        Added new “Block Trade” Size to allow coloring of block trades

-        Added new alerts to Recon Tape – Block Trade trade alert

-        Added “Display Duration” to Recon Tape – will remove trades older than this duration from the screen

-        Added volume histogram to Depth & Sales

-        Various stability enhancements to Depth & Sales

-        Allow use of “page up/page down” keys on Depth & Sales

-        Allow user to set scroll wheel sensitivity on Depth & Sales

-        Fixed issue with “center all” not always aligning in Depth & Sales

-        Allow schemes to be deleted in Depth & Sales

-        Fixed issue with prices not being set to ‘traded’ on a rapid move

-        Fixed font defaulting on Recon Tape & Summary Tapes

-        Added “Reset on New Session” for Depth & Sales