V3.0 5th June, 2012

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V3.0 5th June, 2012


-        Added “Block Trade Size” feature to Reconstructed Tape

-        Removed ‘Sensitivity’ setting from Reconstructed Tape.

-Made the “CMESplit” option default for Reconstructed Tape. This was based on discussion with people at other exchanges who follow the CME methods of trade reporting.

-        Fixed Column Spacing issue with Delta Column on Summary Tape

- Used embedded audio for alerts on Summary Tape. Many people had problems installing the audio files. There is no longer any need to install the audio files separately. You can still use your own audio files.

-        Moved parameter settings to new window in Depth & Sales

-        Highlight the inside levels on all columns in Depth & Sales

-        Allow to move/resize columns with the mouse in Depth & Sales

-        Added separate highlighting for Last Traded Price in Depth & Sales

-        Allow the user to enter text directly into the Alert Column (reminders)

-Allow the user to save schemes of settings/colors that can be loaded on other instances of Depth & Sales. Schemes are stored in a file in your PC.

-        Added shortcut keys for the buttons on Depth & Sales. Keys are F1-F6

-        Added a filter on the Snapshot Column to only display depth changes above a certain size.

- Added an option for Snapshot Style. This will change the way the snapshot is displayed for the inside bid/offer.
Delta – Show amount of contracts pulled/added at the inside bid/offer
Original – Show amount of contracts at the inside bid when it became inside.
-Added “Block Trade Size” feature to Reconstructed Tape
- Renamed all indicators to be prefixed JT_v3