V2.3 6th December, 2011

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V2.3 6th December, 2011


-Summary Tape Depth was showing newer bid/ask values as you moved up through a level. It should have shown the bid/ask values at the time the last trade was submitted, not the resulting bid/ask values.

-Reconstructed Tape - "Sweep Ask"/"Sweep Bid" colors.

-Reconstructed Tape - Added a switch called "Print Mode" - this can be "All Trades" "BuyOnly" or "SellOnly". This request came from a customer and to be honest. What it allows you to do is to setup 1 tape that shows buy market orders and another that shows sell market orders. I mentioned this to Joel at Price Action Room and he liked the idea too. If you have 2 tapes side by side - one with buys, one with sells, it becomes easier to see which are faster/more aggressive.

-Reconstructed Tape - We have added 2 new optional fields to the tape - the inside bid size & the inside ask size. These will not appear by default.

-Summary Tape - You can now set spacing between columns on the Summary Tape as you can with the Recon Tape.

-Depth & Sales – Added a ‘Center All’ button. Click this and it will center all Depth & Sales windows that are running. Added so that the center line can be reset for correlated (or inversely correlated) instruments, making it easier to see if one leads.

-Summary Tape – Added Depth Multiplier for eSignal data users. With the eSignal feed, it gives depth info in lots of 100 for stocks but reports trades in actual quantity. This messes with the calculations for the alerts. Do not change this unless you are an eSignal user trading stocks.