Font Support – Windows XP

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Font Support – Windows XP


To take advantage of certain performance enhancing features, the Jigsaw Tools make use of Unicode Fonts.


On Windows 7, Unicode fonts are standard. On Windows XP, many fonts will not have Unicode support. If you attempt to use a font that does not support Unicode on Windows XP, then the display will be incorrect.


If you would like to enable a wider range of fonts to use on XP, do the following:


Click Start, click Control Panel, click Date, Time, Language, and Regional Options, and then click Regional and Language Options.

Click the “Languages” tab and ensure that “Install files for East Asian Languages” is checked. You may be asked to insert your Windows XP CD during this process.



Note that our software will default to “Arial Unicode MS” font on Windows XP. If you do not install the language pack, we recommend you use this font or “Lucida Sans Unicode”. If you select an incompatible font, the display will appear as follows.



With Windows 7 or Windows XP with the language pack installed, most fonts will work fine.


If you have any problems at all with this, then please contact us and we’ll walk you through the correct setup.