Trading from Depth & Sales

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Trading from Depth & Sales


Trades can be placed from the Depth & Sales. There are two versions of Depth & Sales:



JT_v5_DepthSales                – Allows SIM trading only

JT_V5_DepthSales_Live        – Allows Live trading - Licensed separately


OEC Trader/S5 Trader

DepthSales V5                        – Allows SIM trading only

Depth Sales Live V5                – Allows Live trading - Licensed separately


For regular versions of NinjaTrader, it will be necessary to enable the AT Interface before it will allow you to place trades.


Go to NinjaTrader Control Center, File Menu




Ensure that “AT Interface” is checked and that “Global Simulation Mode” is not checked.


Note that if you do not see the “AT Interface” option, you are using the NTDirect edition of NinjaTrader and you do not need to enable the AT Interface.


Note that depending on your account with Ninja, some features may not be enabled.


OCO – is only enabled on full versions

ATM Strategies - are only supported on full versions


To open the trade window, click the “$” icon on the main Depth & Sales window.


Note that the last 2 pages of this manual contain “Cheat Sheets” for the Trade Window and Depth & Sales main window.